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While some of the reasons for becoming an airline hostess are shallow and superficial, others are sound and well-considered. A young woman may choose the career because she enjoys flying and likes the actual work involved. Or she may look upon the job as a pleasant and profitable way to see the world and learn. Now and then a girl finds a position attractive only if it provides an opportunity for her to be of real service to other human beings and she believes that in her modest way an airline hostess has a chance to be of real help to travellers. Finally, after a careful appraisal of herself, the young lady may come to the conclusion that the position offers a person of her talents and interests the best opportunity for self-expression.

The paragraph following the passage most likely presents _____.

— shallow reasons for becoming an airline hostess.
— financial benefits and also some negative aspects of being an airline hostess.


Costs were low that year and the output high. There was a good man for every job and the market remained firm. There were no losses by fire. All in all it was the best year in the country's history.

Most likely, the last sentence of the paragraph preceding this one mentioned _____.

— a year.
— a company.


There are deer in abundance here. The whole area is great country for hunters and fishermen. There are bear, occasional mountain lions, and coyotes. To the east there are streams full of trout, and there are ducks, geese, and a few pheasants.

Most likely, the last sentence of the paragraph preceding this one mentioned _____.

— a holiday place for those who like nature.
— a holiday place for those who like hunting.


Penicillin is one of the greatest of the wonder drugs. It has saved thousands of lives already and will save many more in the future. But it has no effect whatever on the bulk of the ills of man and of beast. Good as it is, it is certainly not a cure-all.

The paragraph following the passage most likely presents _____.

— other drugs that are effective in fields that penicillin fails.
— the number of diseases on which penicillin has proved effective.


At the age of thirteen Alexander Hamilton was an orphan because of the death of his mother and the desertion of his father. He had no inheritance. His older brother, a carpenter, could afford no help, and his mother's family, once rich, was breaking up. During the period of his boyhood, therefore, Hamilton was more in need of assistance than most.

The paragraph following the passage most likely presents _____.

— the help Hamilton got from people other than his own family.
— the essential need of assistance from which Hamilton suffered a lot.

II.2.C. Sözcük anlamı

Alıştırma 16

Bu alıştırmada, sözlük kullanmadan, tümce içinde koyu yazılı olarak verilen sözcüğün anlamını seçenekler içinden bulmaya çalışın. İnceleyeceğiniz sözcükler şunlar:

console, adamant, vague, regimentation, gingerly, curb, in vain, treacherous, thrive, compelled


Taste is the most important thing for me. If I have eaten a poor meal, nothing will console me. 

A. doyurmak
B. üzmek
C. aç bırakmak
D. avundurmak
E. sevindirmek


No matter how hard I tried to convince Tom to travel Chicago by train, he was adamant in his desire to drive there in his own car even though it would cost him a fortune. 

A. kararsız
B. kararlı
C. isteksiz
D. tepkisel
E. anlayışlı


"It sounds translation" is a vague expression in that ten different people will bring ten different explanations as to what they mean by it. 

A. kesin
B. özel
C. belirsiz
D. kusurlu
E. yeterli


He was not fit for military service. The rigid schedule, long sleepless hours, various responsibilities to bear and exhausting daily exercises were obviously too much for him. Finally, when he realized that he could no longer tolerate this regimentation, he started making plans to escape as far a place as he could. 

A. disiplin
B. ödeme
C. tolerans
D. talim
E. sorumluluk


Because he knew that his wife could never go back to sleep again in case she woke up, John removed the bed-clothes gingerly to get up for a glass of water. 

A. uykulu bir halde
B. tamamen
C. dikkatle
D. bir an önce
E. el yordamı ile


The new boss does not aim to prevent smoking. What he wants to do is to curb cigarette smoking by asking smokers to smoke in certain rooms only. 

A. cezalandırmak
B. artırmak
C. engellemek
D. denetlemek
E. cazip kılmak


We tried in vain to learn the reason behind this decision. The spokesman did not say a single word on it. 

A. belli belirsiz
B. bir arada
C. aslında
D. boşuna
E. başarıyla


These days, the weather has been quite treacherous; because of its sudden changes many people cannot decide what to wear before they leave home for work. 

A. yağışlı
B. değişken
C. sabit
D. bozuk
E. tahmin edilebilir


All sub-tropic plants need plenty of sunlight. The more sunlight they get, the more they will thrive

A. renklenmek
B. solmak
C. ölmek
D. sulanmak
E. serpilmek


She did not know what would happen if they suddenly caught her secretly watching them, but her curiosity compelled her to take one last look through the key hole. 

A. korkuttu
B. zorladı
C. emretti
D. engelledi
E. destekledi

Alıştırma 17

Bu alıştırma ile, anlam tahmin konusundaki mevcut bilginizi ölçün. Önce aşağıda verilen sözcükleri okuyun.

savage, merge, attain, deadline, solitude, topple, reverse, dislodge

Bu sözcüklerin tümce içinde nasıl kullanıldıklarına bakın ve anlamlarını tahmin etmeye çalışın. Bunu yaparken de sözlük kullanmayın !

  1. SKEGNESS, England (Reuter) - Two pet Alsatian dogs savaged a six-year-old girl to death yesterday, police said.

  2. TEL AVIV (AP) - Iraq and Syria have reportedly agreed to merge under a single leader and combine their armies on Israel's northeastern border.

  3. Although it is evident that they often make priceless contributions to our society through their labour, so far women have not been able to attain the social and economic status that should be theirs.

  4. Those who live in areas not-so-close to the equator are often impatient with those who live closer to the equator. While people in hot countries do not seem to care much about time, others take deadlines very seriously.

  5. Personally, I am not so fond of being with people. I prefer solitude.

  6. The thrones of the world have toppled one by one. But Britain's still stands regally.

  7. The same scare stories were spread in Norway during their referendum. Norwegians were told they would be ruined if they remained free. What happened? Exactly the reverse. Since Norway had the good sense to say "No", its economy has developed as never before.

  8. A group of teenagers have this week shown a determination to resist the decision of the local council to move them from their present home. The youngsters have set up a barricade against any attempt to dislodge them from the house they have come to regard as home.

Alıştırma 18

Paragrafı en iyi tamamlayan seçeneği bulun.


In youth, most people maintain that black is black, white is white, and grey does not exist. It is only gradually that experience teaches us that there is no absolute evil, so there is no absolute good. Until this lesson is learned, children react either completely for or against everything they face, and tolerance is something which they _______________.

A) respect in their parents
B) wish they possessed
C) cannot comprehend
D) have wholly lost


Copper is a fairly soft metal and it is easily moulded even when it is cold. It was the first metal that primitive man learned to use in making tools. Copper relics have been found that are older then recorded history. Copper is a lot more extensively used than any other metal except iron. This positive aspect is further supported by the fact that copper is not _______________.

A) expensive
B) available
C) soft
D) plentiful


Ancient astronomers recognized that the planets were different from the stars. The name planet was given to those heavenly bodies which constantly change their positions with reference to the stars, because planet comes from the Greek word that means _______________.

A) bright
B) astronomical
C) wandering
D) reflecting


The power of propaganda lies largely in the swiftness of its action. Like an odourless but deadly cloud, it seeps into the atmosphere until it has _______________.

A) overpowered all who are exposed to it
B) blended harmlessly with the air
C) been recognised and counteracted
D) created the opposite of its intended effect


Scarcely any create that lives and breathes is as universally hated as the rat. Rats are carriers of many diseases. They give some service as scavengers, but this is overbalanced by their _______________.

A) harmful activities
B) popularity as pets
C) odd appearance
D) sanitary value


One factor which affects the rate of chemical change is temperature. With few exceptions, an increase in temperature increases the rate of a chemical reaction. Most reactions at the temperature of boiling water are hundreds of times as fast as at room temperature. To slow down changes in foods, our kitchens are equipped with ______________.

A) thermometers
B) refrigerators
C) ventilators
D) fire alarms


Ideas are essential in the diet of business. A business gets hungry just as a man does. A man cannot live without food, and a business cannot advance without _______________.

A) ideas
B) influence
C) tradition
D) budgeting


Most solids expand when their temperature rises. Because of this, concrete highways are made in sections that do not touch. The spaces between the sections are filled with tar, which oozes from the cracks in hot weather. If the roads were not made in sections, the expansion of the solid concrete in hot weather would cause it to _______________.

A) expand
B) meet
C) buckle
D) contract


Coal formation began millions of years ago when giant plants died and formed a decayed vegetable matter called peat. Mud and sand covered the peat when large areas of earth sank below the ocean. Pressure and heat from water, sand, and mud caused the peat to form coal. The greater the depth of the earth above the peat, the greater the pressure of the peat and harder the coal. Anthracite, the hardest grade of coal, usually lies in the coal beds that are ______________.

A) easiest to mine
B) in greatest demand
C) most plentiful
D) deepest


Alfred Bernhard Nobel (1833-96) was a Swedish chemist who invented dynamite and some other chemicals. He became very wealthy and in his will set up a large fund to pay annual awards in the five fields of physics, chemistry, physiology of medicine, literature, and international peace. The prizes average about $40,000, and aside from this it is a great honour to receive _______________.

A) $40,000
B) such a legacy
C) the Nobel professorship
D) a Nobel prize


Of all the lawbreakers in the thirties, only about 15 percent were ever arrested, 2 percent convicted, and 1 percent actually punished. One of the most pressing social problems was _______________.

A) lax law enforcement
B) overcrowded prisons
C) ambiguous laws
D) prohibition violators


The total volume of long-distance trade during the Middle Ages was relatively small. Most areas where people lived were self-sufficient in the matter of the necessities of life. Transport was expensive and slow, whether by land or by sea. Goods that were carried in international trade were, for the most part, _______________.

A) breadstuffs
B) luxury items
C) woollen cloth
D) oriental imports


It is an obvious and familiar fact that the younger a child, the less individually differentiated he is. Physically, all newborn children are _______________.

A) extremely active
B) difficult to manage
C) very much like their parents
D) very much alike


The climate in equatorial regions is uniform throughout the year. There is nothing that can be called _______________.

A) a tropical climate
B) a change of season
C) the beginning of the year
D) the heat of the noonday


During the last half of the nineteenth century, the United States and Germany made rapid progress in industrialization. Their deposits of coal and iron - essential factors in developing industry - aided them in becoming _______________.

A) self-sufficient
B) cultural centres
C) manufacturing centres
D) democracies


Scientists are constantly working to refine man's accuracy in the measurement of time. The most accurate method so far is a cesium clock that is accurate to two parts in a billion. Your watch would not be more than one second off 330 years from now if it ran with this accuracy. Polaris submarines and satellites in orbit many miles above the earth are dependent upon accuracy in estimating their location. This in turn depends upon _______________.

A) discovery of new metals
B) rapid calculations
C) ultimate accuracy in timing
D) skilled navigation
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