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Yanıtlar en sonda verilmekte.

Soru tipleri:


I.1.A. Konu / Başlık
I.1.B. Ana fikir


I.2.A. Metinde var olana yönelik

a) Değinme sözcükleri
b) Bağlantı sözcükleri
c) Karmaşık yapılar

I.2.B. Metinde var olmayana yönelik



II.1.A. Metnin / Yazarın ifade tonu
II.1.B. Yazarın amacı
II.1.C. Ortam


II.2.A. İma edilen
II.2.B. Metinden önce/sonra gelen
II.2.C. Sözcük anlamı




I.1.A. Konu / Başlık

Alıştırma 1

Aşağıdaki metinlerde sadece destekleyici tümceler verilmiştir. Metinlerin ardından da üç olası konu tümcesi gelmektedir. Metni sunabilecek olan en uygun tümceyi seçin.


__________. In Greek and Roman times, the cavalry was composed of members of noble families. This distinction continued up to the Middle Ages. After the invention of gunpowder, this branch of the military service underwent great changes. With the development of heavy artillery and air forces, this service has almost disappeared.

A) The cavalry has been displaced by armoured regiments.

B) Cavalry regiments still retain a mounted squadron for ceremonial duties. *

C) The cavalry is the part of an army consisting of troops that serve on horseback.

__________. Outside, he knelt in the wet grass, tide his shoes, and then swung off toward the barn. There, ducking under the pitchforks, he filled a bucket with oats and water to make breakfast for his sows in the orchard. To get to the hogs he took the shortest way over the bridge above the swirling stream. As he passed over the water, he saw the boat of his grandfather pounding itself to pieces against the jagged rocks.

  1. It was obvious from the very start of it that Tom's Saturday morning would be different from other mornings of the week because hardly had he got up then he sadly realised that he had lost one shoe the previous night when he had had too much to drink.

  2. Tom silently put on his shoes as soon as he left his bed since he was sure that he would be asked to set the table if one of his parents happened to wake up.

  3. Tom's Saturday morning started very early as on other days of the week as he made his way to the garden.

__________. One example is the new breed of cattle being developed by the Brazilians and specially adapted to withstand the pests and the climate of the tropics. And so it is that they are not only working on a new breed of cattle, but also on a new type of grass that is suitable to feed them.

  1. Brazil is doing her best to make sure that the flow of tourists continues while the country prospers as far as agriculture is concerned.

  2. In South America, where Brazil, together with Argentina, is the driving force of economy, farmers are surprised to find that their cattle will refuse to eat any sort of fodder that it imported from sub-tropical countries.

  3. The Brazilians today are developing their own civilisation - not a European civilisation, but one which is adapted to the tropical climate, tropical vegetation, tropical light, and tropical colours.

__________. If you say only that it is loss of memory, you include in the group of amnesiacs any man who forgets his wife's birthday or goes off to the office without his wristwatch. Actually, amnesia is something a bit more sinister. It is loss of memory, to be sure, but it is the sort brought on by injury, overwork, worry, or a nasty blow on the head.

  1. What can be done to stop amnesia?

  2. What, then, is amnesia?

  3. Why is amnesia so common?

__________. In the first place, the ant often brings to the surface from a depth of several feet considerable quantities of subsoil. This is spread over the surface and exposed to the atmosphere. In the second place, the burrows quickly conduct air and the moisture into the deeper recesses of the soil.

  1. Although most ants prefer to dwell in houses where they can comfortably feed from the kitchen, garden ants choose to dig their complex labyrinth system out in the garden

  2. Common garden ants are harmful not only as pests that eat our crops but also simply because they are hard to destroy.

  3. While the activities of common garden ants are often annoying, their excavations are extremely valuable in renewing the soil.

__________. First, it doubled the area of the United States and provided territory from which fourteen new states were created either wholly or in part. Second, it gave control over the mouth of the Mississippi River and opened up the way to foreign trade. Prior to the purchase, the waterway had been blocked by the Spanish, probably with the approval of Napoleon. Third, the land was rich in timber, minerals, and natural resources of other kinds. And, finally, the cost of transaction was unbelievably low; the total of $15,000,000 amounted to approximately four cents an acre.

  1. It was with the Lousiana Purchase that the first traces of trouble that led to the Civil War started to appear in the US.

  2. The Lousiana Purchase proved to be one of the most intelligent business pacts in the entire history of the U.S.

  3. When the Lousiana Purchase enabled the United States to take a large area under its dominance, someone estimated that it would be one the most troublesome pacts that the US would ever sign.

__________. The Harbour or Leopard Seals, mottled with light or dark spots, prefer to remain close to home on the rocks just off the shore. Their fur is of little commercial value. The Alaska Fur Seals breed in the Pribilof Islands but range the length and breadth of the Pacific. They are extremely valuable but are protected from hunters by strict international agreement. The Steller Sea-Lions have been found from Santa Barbara all the way to the Bering Sea, but they are now extremely rare. Their noise is a roar and this, plus the tawny, lion-like mane, doubtless accounts for the name. The California Sea-Lion is small, dark, and usually trainable. Because of its size and sagacity, it is most often selected for zoological gardens and trained seal acts.

  1. California coast houses thousands of seals and sea-lions that are, at present, facing the danger of extinction.

  2. Not very surprisingly, the four species of seals and se-lions off the California coast consume an incredible amount of fish each day, thus infuriating American fishermen.

  3. Seals and sea-lions known to the rookeries off the California coast are of four species.

__________. This spider, named Micrompgale debliemma, has only two eyes where most spiders have six or eight. Unlike most spiders, it does not have lungs but instead absorbs oxygen through its skin. Just three one-hundredth of an inch long, Micromygale is one of the world's smallest spiders.

  1. Scientists have discovered a spider which is remarkably different from any other known spider.

  2. Scientists have discovered a spider which is in the size of the head of a pin.

  3. Scientists have discovered a spider which inhabits the coastal forested regions of Panama.

________________. Cirrus clouds are thin and delicate, whereas cumulus clouds look like cotton balls. Nimbus clouds are dark and ragged, and stratus clouds appear dull in colour and cover the entire sky.

  1. A stratus cloud on the ground is called fog.

  2. There are four basic cloud types - cirrus, cumulus, nimbus, and stratus.

  3. It is possible to predict the weather by studying clouds.

_________________ For example, King William the First, better known as William the Conqueror, was the first Norman king of England. Perhaps the most famous English writer of all times was William Shakespeare. And who can forget the American hero of the West, Buffalo Bill (William) Cody?

  1. One of the most common boys' names in English in "William".

  2. "William" is not only a popular name today but also the name of many famous people in the past.

  3. If your name is William, you have the same name as many other people.

__________________ Straw, which can absorb up to four times its weight in oil, can be thrown on the spill and then be burned. Oil can be broken up and sunk by bither sand, talcum powder, or chalk. Under experimentation, some chemicals have been shown to disperse the spill into droplets, which microbes can then destroy.

  1. There are many ways in which oil spills in the sea can be dealt with.

  2. Contamination of the sea by oil spills is a critical problem.

  3. Wind and wave action can carry oil spills a great distance across the sea.

I.1.B. Ana fikir

Alıştırma 2

En iyi seçeneği bulun.

The first thing to remembered about rattlesnakes is that they can be encountered at almost any altitude. Many people do not expect to find them at altitudes over 6,000 feet, but in the southwestern United States they are encountered as high as 11,000-foot level, and in Mexico up to 14,000 feet. In most parts of the country rattlesnakes hibernate in dens in the winter, but generally they are in the open from March or April to October or December depending on local climate or weather conditions.

The best title for the passage would be __________.

  1. Rattlesnake Fact and Fiction

  2. The Dens of Rattlesnake

  3. Treatment for Rattlesnake Bites

  4. Rattlesnakes at High Altitudes

  5. Places Where Rattlesnakes May Be Encountered

The better kind of cabbage was introduced from Holland into England by Sir Richard Ashley about 1510 and was first taken to Scotland by Cromwell's soldiers. The cauliflower was brought in from Cyprus about 1603 and broccoli from Italy in the previous century. The finer kinds of bean were introduced in the reign of Henry VIII. It was in 1565 that Sir John Hawkins introduced the potato into Ireland and twenty years later Walter Raleigh carried it into England.

The best title for the passage would be __________.

  1. England in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries

  2. Food Plants

  3. How the Irish Potato Got to Ireland

  4. The Gift of Sir Walter Raleigh

  5. Introduction of Food Plants into Great Britain

The eight-hour day is universal both in the fields and factories of the Hawaiian sugar plantations. Employees have leisure time to work in their gardens. They make full use of the recreational facilities at the clubs, athletic fields, and swimming pools. Movies are shown nightly at the plantation theatres. Practically all of the homes have radios and a high proportion has washing machines and other modern equipment. One of every three employees owns a car.

The best title for the passage would be __________.

  1. The Eight-Hour Work Day

  2. The Hawaiian Sugar Industry

  3. Schools on Hawaiian Sugar Plantations

  4. Living Conditions in Hawaiian Plantation Communities

  5. Educational Level of Plantation Workers

Maize formed the staff of life of the early North American Indians. One of its remarkable forms was Zuni corn which, in order to resist drought, was planted 18 inches deep. The Pueblo Indians used corn in many of their ceremonials such as the snake dance, and in their corn planting and harvesting they observed certain rituals handed down from their forefathers. The prayers for rain and the methods of cultivation of the maize in separated clumps argue for a very ancient use of this valuable plant.

The best title for the passage would be __________.

  1. Cultivation and Use of Corn by Early North American Indians.

  2. Early American Food Plants.

  3. The Use of Corn in Indian Ceremonials

  4. The Preservation of Corn by Drying

  5. The Planting of Zuni Corn

We are accustomed to the thought that geographic conditions have profoundly influenced wars in the past. Washington's army escaped the British trap in New York because of a fog. Napoleon conquered all but 'Generals January and February' in his advance against Russia. The Valley of Shenandoah and the Blue Ridge had important bearings on our Civil War. The great distance of the Philippines form home and the tropic character of its climate were important factors in our war with the Filipinos.

The best title for the passage would be __________.

  1. Our Changing Climate

  2. Generals January and February

  3. Geographic Influences on Wars of the Past

  4. Escape in a Fog

  5. The Importance of Geographic Factors

Of a temperate, sub-alpine climate, Austria has approximately the same seasons as New York. However, it rarely becomes either uncomfortably hot or bitingly cold, and the seasons slip gradually from one to another without abrupt temperature changes. From late October to mid-December the countryside has heavy rains, but Vienna is always pleasant. In the mountain regions snow begins to fall in mid-November; the air is crisp, cool, and clear, and it is usually sunny. The spring climate in the mountains makes Austria a skier's paradise.

The best title for the passage would be __________.

  1. Austria as a Skier's Paradise

  2. The Climate of Southeastern Europe

  3. Abrupt Temperature Changes in Austria

  4. The Climate of Austria

  5. Snowfall and Rainfall in Austria

Alıştırma 3

Soruları yanıtlayın.

One of the commonest beliefs about reptiles concerns the existence of a "hoop snake". This reptile is supposed to grasp its tail in its mouth and roll along at terrific speed. Yet science declares no such creature exists. There is also a belief among cowboys and hunters that they can protect their camps by stretching horsehair ropes around them, that the prickly hairs will repel any snakes - particularly rattlers. Actually, rattlers crawl over ropes as if they didn't exist. Like most nature "fables" there is a shred of truth here, but it has been stretched out of all proportion. It is probable that snakes detect the human odour and, since they fear humans, turn and crawl away. There are many other "whoppers" just as fantastic, but these examples show why the wide spread belief in them is unjustified.

1. Choose the best topic.

  1. The Scientific Study of Reptiles.

  2. Reptiles and Humans.

  3. Tall Tales About Reptiles.

  4. The Hoop Snake Fable.

2. Choose the best central thought.

  1. There is no justification for many widespread beliefs about snakes.

  2. Science states that no such creature as the "hoop snake" exists.

  3. Science states that snakes fear humans and usually crawl away from them.

  4. Science finds that rattlers crawl over hair ropes as if they were not there.

Scientific forestry is one example of the way that conservation works for the good of the country. As trees are cut down for industry, new ones are planted to replace them. Deadwood, diseased trees, and harmful shrubs are removed. In replanting, foresters consider not only the fitness of a tree for climate and soil, but also its usefulness to man. For this reason the new trees are often higher in quality than the old. Barring waste and careless fires, we should have trees in plenty to take care of the future.

Choose the best topic.

  1. Conservation for the Future.

  2. The Work of Scientific Forestry.

  3. The Importance of Forest Fire Prevention.

  4. New Forests for Old.

Choose the best central thought.

  1. Thanks to scientific forestry, we should have improved trees in sufficient quantity to take care of the future.

  2. Before new trees are planted, deadwood, diseased trees, and harmful shrubs should be removed.

  3. Conservation works for the good of the country by improving both quality and quantity of all its natural resources.

  4. The trees now growing are superior in number to the old ones cut down by industry.

We think of the United States as a rich and plentiful nation. It is; but it isn't self-sufficient. Its reliance on foreign sources is apparent every day in the year. Take sugar. Cane sugar ranks first in value among imported foodstuffs. Or take coffee. Coffee drinking couldn't be an American habit if the United States cut off its imports from Brazil. People wouldn't have their newspaper without printing ink, and they get much of that from Canada. The chief source of raw silk is Japan. A wrist watch may or may not be a Swiss watch, but the inner movements are probably imported. Ninety per cent of them are.

Choose the best central thought.

  1. Although the U.S. is a rich and powerful nation, it depends upon foreign sources for most of its raw materials.

  2. The reliance of the U.S. on foreign sources is great; it imports more than it exports.

  3. The U.S. is a rich and plentiful nation; nevertheless, it relies upon foreign sources for many commodities.

  4. Ninety per cent of watches and similar items are imported.
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