1. Name and Surname: Hasip Pektas

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1. Name and Surname: Hasip Pektas
2. Birthplace and Date: Ermenek - Karaman 20.03.1953
3. Title: Prof.
4. Education:



School, University


Qualification in art

Graphic Design

Gazi University


Master's degree

Graphic Design

Hacettepe University


License degree

Art Education

Ondokuz Mayıs University


Associate's degree

Art Education

Ankara Gazi Teacher Training Institue


High school

Primary School Teacher

Aksehir Teacher Training College


5. Academic titles:

Professor Graphic Isık University Faculty of Fine Arts 2008- .....

Professor Graphic Hacettepe U. Faculty of Fine Arts 2001-2008

Associate Prof. Graphic Hacettepe U. Faculty of Fine Arts 1995-2001

Assistant Prof. Graphic Hacettepe U. Faculty of Fine Arts 1994-1995

Instructor Graphic Hacettepe U. Faculty of Fine Arts 1988-1994

Lecturer Photography Hacettepe U. Faculty of Fine Arts 1987-1988

Instructor Graphic Ondokuz Mayıs U. Faculty of Edu. 1982-1987

6. Managed Theses:
6.1. Master's degree theses

1996 Aynur Turk, Book illustrations Graphical Elements Functions”, Hacettepe University

1998 Gokhan Okur, “Functions of Ex-libris in the Graphic Design as a Communication Tool.” H.U.

1999 Ilknur Dedeoglu, Banknote Design Problems and Design Suggestions Hacettepe University

2000 Serpil Guvendi Kaptan, “Investigation of Visual Communication Systems Functionally in the Web Page Design. Web Page Design for İnonu University” Hacettepe University,

2000 Oya Ture Aygun, “Problems of Image and Typography in the Web Page Designs, Web Page Design for Cukurova University, Faculty of Fine Arts” Hacettepe University,

2001 Selin Sobacı, “Visual Identity Problem in the Image Resurfucing Brands” Hacettepe University,

2003 Melih Turer, “Effects of Animatitions Used in Websites for Comminication” Hacettepe University

2003 Ozden Pektas Turgut,“Study of Graphic Design on Banner Ads” Hacettepe University

2006 Havvanur Honca, “Ex-libris Art and Applications of Ex-libris in the Digital Media” Akdeniz University, Antalya (Second Advisor)

2007 Nazlı Benlioglu, “Soap Packaging Design in the Packaging Design” Hacettepe University

2012 Ebru Sermin Karasu, “Design Problems in the Food Packaging and the Importance of Aesthetic Values” Işık University (continues)

2013 Burçak Ünsal Demir, “Ex-libris: The Language of Body” Işık University (continues)

2014 Tansel Erol, “Investigation of the Semiotic Perspective on Male Cosmetics Packaging”

Işık University (continues)

2015 Murat Cil, “Experimental Investigation and Font Design in this Context of Typographic Texture of Nations”

Işık University (continues)

2015 Ozenc Ulas Altunsoy, “Accessibility, Aesthetics and User-Centered Design: In Turkey

University Student Information / Registration Systems User Interface Design and User Experience

Evaluation of Design” Işık University (continues)

2016 Osman Dinc, “Impact on the Mobile Web Site Design and Technology Responsive Designs”

Işık University (continues)

2016 Cem Gul, “Turkish Cinema Problems and Solutions in the Context of Visual Communication Design Generic” Işık University (continues)
6.2. Qualification in art theses

2002 Ali Tomak, “Textbook Proposal of Graphic Design for Vocational School for Girls”, Hacettepe U,

2004 Salih Denli, “Use of Typography and Calligraphy in Ex-libris Design, Applications of Typography and Calligraphic Ex-libris” Hacettepe University

2005 Berna Ozlem Ozcan, “Campaigns on the Environment Problems in Graphic Design, Promotion of Public Awareness Campaign for the Protection of Wild Plants” Hacettepe University

2006 Yusuf Kes, “E-Journals Graphic Design Problems and Solutions”, Hacettepe University

2006 Anıl Yanık, “Interactive Graphical Interface for Education and DVD Camcorder Digital User Manual Application” Hacettepe University

2006 Didem Alkac, “Children's Story Books E-Book In Internet Environment Configuration and A Case Study for Arabian Nights” Hacettepe University

2007 Devrim Tipi Urhan, “The Importance of Visual Design in the Web Pages and Preparation of Three Different Website” Hacettepe University.

2007 Melda Oncu, “Relationships Between Images on the Children's Books Illustration; Design Issues and An Application” Hacettepe University.

2007 Gokhan Okur, “Visual Identity Issues in the TV Channels Generics, a Generic Application for Near East TV System” Hacettepe University.
7. Publications

7. 1. Papers published in international refereed journals

7. 2. Papers presented at international scientific meetings

2010 “A Typographic Analysis of Turkish Newspapers’ Websites” II International Congress on Cyberjournalism University of Oporto 09-10 December 2010, Portugal

2015 “A University Museum: Istanbul Ex-libris Museum”, 8th International Conference on the Inclusive

Museum. New Delhi, India. 7-9 August 2015.

2015 “Işık University. Istanbul Ex-libris Museum”, Boğaziçi University&Istanbul University II. Conference of the International Association of University Museums, Istanbul. 28-29 May 2015

7. 3. International books or book chapters

2001 “Exlibris in der Turkei” Deg Jahrbuch 2001 Exlibriskunst und Graphik, Deutsche Exlibris Gesellschaft, Frankfurt, 137-142.
7. 4. Papers published in national journals

1987 “What is advertising? What are the functions and effects of advertising?” Ondokuz Mayıs U. Faculty of Education Journal. Issue:2

1989 “Composition in photography” Hacettepe U. Faculty of Fine Arts Journal. Issue: 3.

1993 “Social News for Plastic Arts in Performing Arts, A Study on Relations with the Social Structure” Evrensel Culture and Arts Magazine, Issue:16.

1993 “Graphic Design in Advertising and Layout” H.U. Faculty of Fine Arts Journal Issue; 5.

1993 “The Importance of Packaging Design” Standard Economic and Technical Journal, Issue: 376.

1999 “Ex-libris and Formation in Turkey” Icel Art Club Magazine, Issue: 85.

2000 “Some Suggestions for Graphic Designer Education” A.U. Faculty of Fine Arts Journal. Issue:2.

2001 “Visual Pollution in the Internet” TUBİTAK Science and Technology Journal, March 2001.

2001 “Typography and Design Problems in Textbooks” H.U. Faculty of Fine Arts Journal. Is.:8. 77-82.

7. 5. Presented at national conferences

1989 “Problems Related Core and Form in Photograph and Composition”, AFSAD 3. Photograph Symposium. Ankara

1997 “P8; Photograph”, AFSAD 5. Photograph Symposium. Ankara

1999Ex-libris and Formation in Turkey, Turkish Librarians' Association 50. Year International Symposium, Ankara.

2000 “Typographic Problems on the Internet and Suggestions for Visual Pollution” Academic Informatics, Suleyman Demirel University, Isparta.

2003Visual Pollution on the Internet as a Culture and Communication Environment” Hacettepe U. Faculty of Fine Arts “Art and Environment” 7. National Art Symposium, Ankara.
7. 5. a. To take part in national scientific meetings

2006 Ataturk U. Faculty of Fine Arts “Anatolian Enlightenment In Art” Session Chair

2006 Erciyes U. “Status of Faculty of Fine Arts in Process of the European Union” Panel

2006 Hacettepe U. Faculty of Fine Arts “Art and ....” Session Chair of Symposium

2008 Afyon Kocatepe U. Faculty of Fine Arts “II. International Dokimeon Marble Sculpture Symposium” Member of the Board of Science and Art.

2008 VEKAM 44. Library Week “The Adventure of the book from past to future” Panel.

2011 Konya Selcuk University “IFAS International Art Symposium”. Session Chair

2011 North Cyprus Near East University, Faculty of Cominication Visual Cominication and Design Department “The Importance of Communication Design” Panel and Workshop. 1 December 2011 Gazimagusa.

2013 Ankara Gazi University Faculty of Fine Arts “Education of the Visual Communication Design” Panel.
7. 5. b. Journal peer-review

Hacettepe University, Faculty of Fine Arts Journal, Ankara

Dokuz Eylul University, Buca Faculty of Education Journal, Izmir

Ataturk University, Faculty of Fine Arts Journal, Erzurum

Anadolu University, Institute of Social Sciences Journal, Eskisehir

Gazi University, Faculty of Fine Arts Journal, Ankara

Istanbul Aydın University, Aydın Fine Arts Journal, Istanbul

Istanbul Ex-libris Society, EXLIBRIST International Journal of Ex-libris, Istanbul

Süleyman Demirel University, ARTE Güzel Sanatlar Fakültesi Online Dergi, Isparta
7. 6. Other Publications
7. 6. a. Book

“Ex Libris”, First Edition, Yapı Kredi Paplications, Istanbul. 1996.

“Ex-libris”, Second Edition, Ankara Ex-libris Society, Ankara. 2003.

“Ex-libris”, Third Edition, Istanbul Ex-libris Society, Istanbul. 2014.
7. 7. Exhibition:
7. 7. 1. Solo exhibitions
7. 7. 1. a. International solo exhibitions

1994 Silk-screen printing Ex-libris Exhibition, Frederikshavn Ex-libris Museum, Denmark.

1999 Ex-libris Exhibition, Sacaklı Ev Art Gallery, Lefkosa - North Cyprus.

2003 Ex-libris Exhibition, Eastern Mediterranean University, Magosa - North Cyprus.

2007 Ex-libris Exhibition, Fine Arts Academy, Minsk – Belarus.

2007 Photography Exhibition, Underground Photo Gallery, Lisalmi - Finland.

2008 Ex-libris Exhibition, 32. FISAE Congress, Beijing – China.

2014 Ex-libris Exhibition, Gallery Kolegiacki, Poznan - Poland

2015 Ex-libris Exhibition, Guancheng Art Museum, Dongguan, China Rep.
7. 7. 1. b. National solo exhibitions

1981 Painting and Printmaking Exhibition, K. M. L. Exhibition Hall, Giresun.

1985 Painting and Printmaking Exhibition, Archaeological Museum, Samsun.

1986 Painting and Printmaking Exhibition, Akbank Art Gallery, Trabzon.

1987 Painting and Printmaking Exhibition, Akbank Art Gallery, Konya.

1989 Photography Exhibition, AFSAD Exhibition Hall, Ankara.

1989 Painting and Printmaking Exhibition, Esbank Art Gallery, Izmir.

1991 Printmaking Exhibition, State Fine Arts Gallery, Ankara.

1993 Printmaking and Ex-libris Exhibition, Gallery Mekik, Ankara.

1994 Watercolor Painting Exhibition, Sappho Art Gallery, Ankara.

1995 Ex-libris Exhibition, Esbank Art Gallery, Izmir.

1995 Ex-libris Exhibition, Anadolu University Art Gallery, Eskisehir.

1997 Ex-libris Exhibition, Gallery Selvin, Ankara.

1999 Ex-libris Exhibition, Emlak Art Gallery, Istanbul.

1999 Ex-libris Exhibition, Ziraat Bank Exhibition Hall, Samsun.

1999 Ex-libris Exhibition, Ataturk University Art Gallery, Erzurum.

2001 Ex-libris Exhibition, Kitap Evi Art Gallery, Bursa.

2005 Ex-libris Exhibition, Ermenek Cultere, Art and Home Festival, Karaman

2006 Ex-libris Exhibition, Gallery Soyut Cankaya-Ankara.

2007 Ex-libris Exhibition, IDEA Cultere Center, Konya.

2008 Ex-libris Exhibition, Maltepe University Cominication Faculty, Maltepe-Istanbul.

2012 Painting and Ex-libris Exhibition, Gallery Isik Tesvikiye, Istanbul

2014 Painting and Ex-libris Exhibition, Gallery Isik Şile, Istanbul
7. 7. 2. Group Exhibitions:
7. 7. 2. a. International group exhibitions

1985 International Ex-libris Exhibition, Belgium.

1988 Contemporary Turkish Graphic Artists Exhibition, Germany.

1988 “Hand and Tool” Ex-libris Exhibition, France.

1989 “Music” Ex-libris Exhibition, Belgium.

1995 “World Ex-libris Artists” Exhibition, Yugoslavia.

1995 “Ecology” Ex-libris Biennial, Belgium.

1996 3. Italy - Turkey Ex-libris Biennial, Italy.

1996 “Fox” Ex-libris Exhibition, Belgium.

1997 “Ex Musicis” Ex-libris Exhibition, Italy.

1997 Palestinian and Israeli Women's Organization “FAX - ART” Exhibition, Jerusalem - Israel.

1998 “Ex-librises from Turkey” Ex-libris Artists Exhibition. Italy.

1998 Agart World Ex-libris Festival, Slovakia.

1998 1. World Ex-libris Arts Exhibition, Beijing, China.

1999 International Ex-libris Exhibition, Greece.

1999 “Literature” Ex-libris Biennial, Belgium.

1999 International Mail-Art Exhibition, Romania.

1999 “Artists from Turkey” Painting, Photography Seramik Gravur Exhibition, Liege - Belgium.

2000 “Johan Schwencke Prijs/Award 2000” Ex-libris Exhibition, Holland.

2000 “Balloon” Ex-libris Exhibition, Belgium.

2003 Ex-libris Exhibition, Centrum Markt 2 Herk-De-Stad, Liege, Belgium.

2003 “Music” Ex-libris Exhibition, International Beethoven Festivali, Bonn, Germany.
2006 IV. International Graphic Biennial Exhibition Francavilla al Mare – Italy.

2006 FISAE Ex-libris Exhibition, Salle de la Grenette, Nyon, Swiss.
2007 AED Ex-libris Exhibition, Snap Gallery, Edmonton, Canada.

2007 AED Ex-libris Exhibition, Stoa Culture Center, Helsinki, Finland.

2007 21. International Contemporary Ex-libris Competition Exhibition, Malbork, Poland.

2007 7. International Ex-libris Competition Exhibition, Gliwice, Poland.

2008 International Vormgevers@Work’08 Graphic Exhibition, De Zaal, Gent, Belgium.

2008 Dialogue: Contemporary Printmakings and Ex-librises from Turkey, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium

2008 Dialogue: International Daily News Project Exhibition, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium

2008 1. International Yenibogazici Pulya Ex-libris Meeting Exhibition, Gazimagusa, North Cyprus

2008 32. International FISAE Congress Ex-libris Competition Exhibition, Beijing, China

2009 International Yaroslavl Ex-libris Congress Competition Exhibition, Yaroslavl, Russia

2009 Istanbul Ex-libris Society Exhibition, Moskova Ex-libris Museum, Russia

2009 International Trade Show Exhibition, Edgar Varela Fine Arts, Los Angeles. Garage Gallery, San Diego, USA. Gallery Isık Istanbul

2010 Turkish Ex-libris Artists Exhibition, 33. FISAE Congress, Istanbul

2010 20+30 ’’Never Ever Forever’’ China-Europe Creatiand Works Collection Exhibition, Art Hotel, Shangai, China

2011 International Contemporary Europe Ex-libris Exhibition, Hongu SIEAC Gallery, Tianjin, China

2012 2. International “Bridge” Contemporary China Exhibition, China

2012 9. International Gliwice Ex-libris Competition Exhibition, Poland

2012 10. International Art Symposium Exhibition, Patras, Greece

2012 International Tribuna Graphic 2012, Cluj Art Museum, Romania
2012 3. International Erotic Ex-libris Competition Exhibition, Beijing, China

2012 3. International Art Project Exhibition Italy Culture Center, Istanbul

2013 “Global Print 2013” Douro Printmaking Biennial, Alijo, Portugal
2013 11. International Art Symposium Exhibition, Patras, Greece

2014 "Money" Themed 5. International Ex-libris Biennial, Belgrade, Serbia

2014 International Ex-libris Competition Exhibition, Gallery Largo, Varna, Bulgaria

2015 Ex-libris Exhibition, Gallery Largo, Varna, Bulgaria

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